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F. A. Q. (Frequantly Ask Question)

Question: "Will a frame that's repaired or welded be weaker than a new frame
and will it usually rebreak within a short period of time."

Answer: No, quite the opposite. When frames are manufactured, there is a tendency to apply
quick spot welds mechanically that unfortunately are often weak. That is why so many hinges
separate right at the solder point. When we laser weld a frame, we laser infuse the metal to metal
and then laser in white gold ensuring a strong, long lasting bond.

Question: "When a frame is welded, will it be damaged or discolored to the point that it would
              be obvious and unsightly?"

                          Answer: No, it is true that there is some degree of discoloration with some of the
                              welds, but what sets us apart is our ability to refinish the repaired area to as close
                                  to the original finish as possible and we are quite good at that!

                                      Question: "If I take my frames to one of the large one hour optical chains,
                                         won't they be able to do any repairs that I need?"

                                      Answer: No, most Optical stores offer no repair services at all.

                                   Question: "Can't I take lenses from my broken frames and re-use them
                                  in new ones?"

                              Answer: No, normally optical stores can't do this. Lenses are specifically ground for
                          the frames they are made for. If you change the lens dimensions by grinding them,
                 (even the slightest bit) it will throw off their alignment.

Question: "Is it expensive to repair broken eyeglasses?"

Answer: No, not at all. At Eyewear Repair Express® most repairs are between $15 and $45.
That is very inexpensive compared to buying new frames and lenses
Thank you! We look forward to serving you for all of you eyewear repair needs.

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